FIFA has already confirmed the Brazil World cup kick off times for sixty four matches of 2014 FIFA World Cup games. This was after the final draw was made. After the draw, only 7 matches have gone through adjustments. These include 3 matches that will be played in Manaus and another match in Recife.

They are as highlighted below.

Saturday 14th June 2013

- 22:00 (from 19:00) in Recife-Cote d’Ivoire vs Japan

- 18:00 (from 21:00) in Manaus-England vs Italy

18th June Wednesday

- 18:00 (from 15:00) USA vs Portugal in Manaus

- 16:00 (from 19:00) Spain vs Chille.

22nd June Sunday

- 18:00 (from 15:00) in Manaus-Cameroon vs Croatia

- 16:00 (from 19:00) Belgium vs Russia

- 16:00 (from 13:00) Korea Republic vs Algeria.

The matches are set in accordance to local Brazilian time. Group A matches will be held in venue such as Sao Paulo, Natal, Fortaleza, Manaus, Brasilia and Recife. The kick off times for these matches has been set for 17:00 on 12th May for Brazil vs Croatia, 13:00 on 13th May for Mexico vs Cameroon, 16:00 on 17th May for Brazil vs Mexico, 18:00 on 18th May for Cameroon vs Croatia, 17:00 on 23rd May for Cameroon vs Brazil and 17:00 on 23rd May Croatia vs Mexico.

Group B matches will take place in Salvador, Cuiaba, Rio De Janairo, Porto Alegre, Curitibia and Sao Paulo. The Brazil World cup kick off times for these matches will be 16:00 on 13th May for Spain vs Netherlands, 18:00 on 13th May for Chile vs Australia, 16:00 on 18th May for Spain vs Chile, 13:00 on 18th May for Australia vs Netherlands, 13:00 on 23rd May for Australia vs Spain and 13:00 on 23rd for Netherlands vs Chile.

Group C matches will take place in Belo Horizonte, Recife, Brasilia, Natal, Cuiaba, Fortaleza and they will start at 13:00 on 14th May for Colombia vs Greece, 22:00 on 14th May for Cote d’Ivoire vs Japan, 13:00 on 19th May for Colombia vs Cote d’Ivoire, 19:00 on 19th May for Japan vs Greece, 16:00 on 24th may for Japan vs Colombia and 17:00 on 24th May Greece vs Cote d’Ivoire.

The Brazil World Cup kick off times for Group D, E, F, G and H have also been released and they can be easily found at

The host association of FIFA 2014 is responsible for informing opponents and FIFA secretariat about the kick off times 60 days prior to the day the match is supposed to be played. Once the time and date are confirmed, only FIFA can make changes.

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